Friday, July 15, 2016

Teasers #6, 7, 8, & 9 For Good Intentions

Teasers 6, 7, 8, & 9 for Good Intentions! Coming July 17th! Available for pre-order wherever ebooks are sold.
Teaser #6
I took a step toward her, hoping to intimidate her in some way, but she merely tilted her head back and narrowed her eyes. I didn’t think she had an ounce of knowledge as to what she might be capable of, yet she was still brazenly courageous.
“I asked you once what else you could do.”
“And I told you what I was aware of, mostly,” she added the last word as an aside.
I stepped so close that my chest brushed over her folded arms, but she didn’t relent in anyway. “Mostly?” I growled. “What else can you do, River?”
Teaser #7
I was almost to the door when a lonely wail echoed over the hills and through the town. The hair on my nape rose, and I turned away from the door as the wail built in volume. I’d heard it the first night I’d arrived, but the following nights had remained blessedly undisturbed since then.
The soldiers patrolling the streets froze with their guns against their shoulders as more cries echoed through the fading daylight. I stepped off the porch and made my way down the street as the noise intensified until it reverberated off the windows and buildings surrounding us.
“What is that?” I asked one of the soldiers.
“It’s some of them,” he replied. His mouth flattened into a thin line and his skin turned an ashen hue.
“Them who?” I inquired.
“The beasts,” another voice answered. I jumped when Kobal’s hand slid around my elbow and sent a jolt of something hot and electric through my body. My mouth went dry as I tipped my head back to find his inky eyes upon me. I couldn’t tell if he’d felt the jolt too, or if I was simply imagining this magnetic connection between the two of us, but I welcomed his touch. I’d been starved for it this past week. “Come with me.”

Teaser #8

Teaser #9

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