Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Teaser 2 From Enraptured

Ian lifted an eyebrow at her from the booth at the end of the diner. She assumed her heart would plummet into her feet, instead it gave an excited little leap as she stared at his massive body spread casually within the booth. Instead of being terrified that he’d hunted her down, she found herself relieved. He didn’t make a move to come at her, didn’t say a word, he simply pushed the glass of water sitting before him, toward her.
He w...asn’t much in the mood for chasing down an unwilling female, not after his endless, sleepless night, and he supposed the cops might frown upon it, but he would if she bolted. He gave her a challenging stare as he waited to see what she would do. He didn’t know much about her, but she wasn’t the type to walk away from a challenge, and given the look of her, she could use a break from running.
Paige glanced at the door, but she didn’t see the point in trying to escape him again. Not when he was sitting there, staring at her like he wanted to throttle her as much as he wanted to kiss her. Not when she could almost feel the heat of his body pressing against hers. Besides, she didn’t think he would actually rip her throat out, and what could he really do in front of all of these people?

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