Saturday, December 31, 2016

Teasers 1-6 of The Road (The Road to Hell Series, Book 3)

Teaser #1 from The Road:
“It’s… it’s…” Her voice trailed off, and her fingers trembled as she stretched them out to settle them on the bark. Blue sparks shot across the tips of her fingers and her eyes closed. “It’s amazing,” she breathed.
I glanced between her and the tree as she stepped closer and rested her forehead against it. Lifting her forehead, her head tipped back to peer into the thick bowers above her. The leaves of the tree fluttered as if stirred by a breeze, but no wind moved through here.
I strode forward to pull her away. I’d seen what these trees could do when provoked, but before I could get to her, one of the lower branches swung out and dipped toward her.
“River, get away!” I shouted.
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Teaser #2
Teaser #3
Teaser #4

Teaser #5 from The Road (The Road to Hell Series, Book 3). Only 4 more days until release!
“This is…” Corson’s words trailed off as he stared at the slab before us.
My eyebrows drew together as my eyes were drawn back to the rock. Taking a step closer, I tried to see more of the rock, but I saw nothing marking it as anything other than what it appeared to be.
I may not be able to see anything special about it, but the skelleins weren’t bringing their torches any closer as they stared at it. Corson and Bale flanked Kobal, and the look of amazement on their faces mirrored the one Magnus wore.
Despite its innocuous façade, my fingers itched to touch it as I sensed power washing off it. I remained unmoving with the others as the crackling fire of the torches became the only sound within the tunnel.
Their flames cast shadows all around us, and for the first time, I realized the shadows that had slithered and danced throughout Hell didn’t surround us anymore.
“What is it?” I whispered.
“The entrance to Hell,” Kobal murmured as his gaze ran over the rock.

Teaser #6 from The Road (The Road to Hell Series, Book 3).
I closed my hand and pulled it away from the hole. The energy I’d been borrowing from the Earth and Kobal flowed back into its sources. The shadows of Hell rushed forward once more to fill in the space my blood had cleared, obscuring the depths we’d just been able to see.
Kobal jerked me back and jumped in front of me when the shadows leapt from the pit and snapped toward me. A hair-raising snarl tore from him as he bared his fangs at the shadows. This time I was certain the shadows hissed before they swiftly retreated into the hole to slither over the top of each other like a pit of snakes.
“Well, shit,” Hawk muttered, and Vargas kissed his cross again.
“They can’t do anything to you,” Corson said.
“What are they?” Erin inquired.
“Hell shadows,” Corson answered. “Unlike your shadows, they can move of their own free will, but they are unable to touch you.”
I edged away from the hole, determined to stay upright and strong, but my knees gave out on my third step. Kobal swept me up and into his arms before I could hit the ground and firmly braced me against his chest. Draping my arms around his neck, I pressed against him as tremors racked my body.
His breath warmed my ear. “Easy, Mah Kush-la. I have you.”
As Kobal turned to walk away, I caught the concerned looks Corson and Bale exchanged with each other. Erin, Vargas, and Hawk were pale, but hope shimmered in their eyes for the first time in weeks.
My gaze slid to the pit. I wanted to feel hopeful too, but I felt like I’d just completed a triathlon.
It will be better tomorrow. I told myself this, but I wasn’t convinced.

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