Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cover Reveal!

The Road (The Road to Hell Series, Book 3) is releasing 1/3/17!

   Standing at the edge of the gateway, I understand two things… One, I have no idea what I’m doing and two, the gateway to Hell is not closing. Now, there may be only one option left to me, to all of us. I may have to enter the one place I’d hoped to avoid throughout this journey. I may have to enter Hell.
   Unfortunately, a change in events takes the choice away from me.

   I always knew the idea of River entering into Hell could become a reality, but I expected her to be by my side when, or if, it happened. I expected to be there to protect her, but she’s gone in alone. Now, not only am I trying to catch up with her, but I know Lucifer will soon learn of her entrance into my world, and he will be after her too.

   I just don’t know which one of us will reach her first.

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