Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Enraptured Excerpt

A startled cry escaped her; she threw her arms up as glass and wood sprayed over her. Shards of glass sliced across her arms and tore into her flesh. Wood bounced off of her, knocking her back a step. Thrown through the window, Ian slid across the floor on his back. He came to a stop only a foot away from her. At first she thought it was blood, and perhaps dirt streaking his skin, but that made no sense, the blackish red color covered him from hea...d to toe.
She realized the color she’d believed she’d seen on him earlier hadn’t actually been the sun. It really had been his skin.

The reddish black hue brought to mind the images of demons she’d seen over the years in artwork and books. Paige couldn’t stop her jaw from dropping as her gaze continued to rake over his strangely shaded, massive frame. How was that possible?

Finally tearing her gaze away from him, she looked up as the younger looking male vamp, and woman, stepped in front of the ruined window. Before she could react, Ian shot to his feet and raced across the floor at them. She didn’t have time to blink before he launched at the man, seized hold of his throat and tumbled across the porch with the man in his grasp. The porch banister snapped like a locust tree in a hurricane beneath the force of their impact. The woman spun away from the window to go after them.

Coming September 22nd!
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